Lynx (atraeu) wrote,

After Thought

I am looking back over my high school career. I remember how poetic I used to be. I remember how much I tried to come off like the artist. I could never draw, never sing, never play an instrument, but I could act. I am an actor. As an actor you can become whatever you want to be. The problm lies in the fact that you are never one thing and you change so often you lose a bit of who you are. A problem in living a string of lies and acts is you can never be sure what is real and what is fake. I could have sworn I have fallen in love but was that just a simple illusion my mind created so I could play the part of a man in love. Will that feeling ever come back? Could it be I have missed my chance or was this just a moment to teach me a lesson so i will be better prepared in he future. College will be an interesting experience I think. "Everyone has a story to tell."
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