Lynx (atraeu) wrote,

The beginning


This is the first installment of my live journal. I would like to say that I am excited but I am not really. I think I should start off with a funny quote that I recently experienced. I am driving around its probably about 3 AM and my friend Ryan and I are driving past two guys in a riced up Honda Civic. I drive a factory default honda civic. Anyway they look over and go "Wassup G." That was funny enough aready but then as they drive off my friend Ryan says in a sleepy Librarian accent, "Yessir, we all see your Bling Bling, it is very nice. Now go buy your hooker." It's things like this that amuse me. Anyway I think that's the end of the first entry for now. I am going to end every entry with the following line. "Everyone has a story to tell."
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